Last night I went to a rock concert in Manchester. I will be honest a big part of me wanted to curl up with a good book fluffy slippers and a cocoa. As I queued in the chilly Manchester air with a group of shall we say slightly younger folk I did have to check my sanity. Soon however I was caught up in the excitement and energy of the young crowd most of whom would not have been born when these guys started up. We entered the theatre and as in my youth I remembered the plastic cups sticky floors and the slightly faded grandeur of the venue. As the support act came out the sheer volume of the music pounded off my chest and filled the auditorium! Soon wedged in by the ever-growing crowd everyone started to move to the beat and the atmosphere became electric. I sung waved my arms in the air and just let go- very cathartic! As the concert ended and the doors opened the heat hit the cold air sending a thick cloud of smokey air into the night. I ended up in a bar called the blue parrot or was it the green parrot drinking a cosmopolitan cocktail with a young crowd who wanted to know all the bands I had seen when I was their age . So everyone just remember you are never to old to rock and roll and I still intend to do it even if it takes me the rest of the week and a few early night to get over it!