I was trying to get into the “zone” to write my blog but inspiration wouldn’t come. I made a cup of tea watched the swallows balancing on the wire before their flight south, perhaps, I thought I should write about the beautiful natural surroundings I live in? Then I noticed a mark on the window right in my line of sight. I went and got the glass cleaner from under the sink and bang crash everything tipped forward and propelled it’s self out of the cupboard! I then tided the cupboard throwing out all the empty bottles and  was just about to clean the window when I then noticed in the sink a saucepan with the remains of the vegetable soup my teenage son had made earlier a stray pea bobbing around in the orange water complete with spoon and dish. I went into his room which resembles a cave ( he never pulls the curtains) to get him to wash up and then remembered he was playing football.Peering into the gloom I could just make out the goldfish who was desperately trying to get my attention. I found the food and watched Irene ( don’t ask) fall onto the flakes as they descended into the water. Just as I was about to leave I noticed his clothes spilling out of his wash basket and a faint aroma I couldn’t quite identify. I had to investigate! I then found an unidentified object on a plate under his bed with fork still in it! What else was under his bed I thought? Well it turns out lots of socks sweet wrappers and old laceless football boots . I went to get a black plastic bag and like a commando inched myself under the bed finding more horrors the further I went in. Having cleared everything out I then hoovered hearing the clink of all the loose change I missed going up the pipe. I then went back to my blog but just as I composed myself again my daughter came in to announce she didn’t have anything to wear and needed to order new boots immediately! She then helpfully showed me all those she liked in the catalogue and said that they took credit cards if i didn’t have enough money. I ended up ordering them but having lost my password it took longer than anticipated. I had to phone the company to reset it. I ended up agreeing to the special offer of the day six pillows at a fantastic low price! I then went back to my blog but all hope of inspiration had completely faded. My son returned. “Cheers for tidying my room mum” he said throwing his new football boots under the bed and then stuck his head out of the door “whats for tea I haven’t eaten for ages” I give up I thought as I went to see if he had left anything edible in the fridge  to cook. I will just have to leave my blog for another day!